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13605 Reese Blvd. West
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The advancement of science has helped every field including the medical field and has led to the introduction of many new procedures which help doctors help their patients get rid of their ailments easily and efficiently. One such modern procedure is laser dentistry, which, simply put, involves the use of lasers in dentistry. So lets us know more about what is laser dentistry.


Lasers are extremely focused light beams with a variety of applications in different fields. In the field of dentistry, lasers can be used to efficiently remove minute tissues. A relatively new procedure, many dental patients still do not know about laser dentistry. Along with laser surgery, laser dentistry also involves the use of lasers for a wide variety of issues in the teeth and the mouth. The ailments for which laser dentistry can be used include treatment of oral sores, root canals and gum diseases as well as removal of inflammation of gums and reshaping them. Laser dentistry can also be used for the regeneration of damaged nerves as well as for the removal of benign oral tumors and tissues. They can also be used in order to expose the wisdom teeth as well as for biopsies.


Laser dentistry offers a host of benefits and significantly enhance efficiency and productivity for dentists and saves time for patients. Laser dentistry also involves less incisions so patients need less sutures and the loss of blood is kept to a minimum. Less incisions also means that anesthesia requirements also go down, which is a win win for both dentists and the patients. Lasers also help to sterilize the gums and the teeth, thereby reducing chance of infections and thus boosting the healing time.


There are two types of lasers used in laser dentistry, namely, hard tissue and soft tissue lasers. AS the name implies, hard tissue lasers are used for oral regions with harder tissues while the soft tissue lasers are used for regions with softer tissues. The difference between lasers of these kinds are their wavelengths, which give them different cutting and slicing abilities. While hard tissue lasers can cut through teeth and bones, soft tissue lasers can cut through gums.


The procedures involved for laser dentistry are similar to other dental procedures, with the patient first receiving a mild anesthesia as well as a sedative in case of anxiety. But unlike other dental procedures, laser dentistry would not cause any discomfort when it is being performed as well as the loss of blood would be kept to a minimum as the laser focuses on the affected region without affecting the surrounding regions unlike other dental procedures. Post the completion of the process, one can head off to take rest while following the same instructions to keep the operated area clean as advised by their dentist. The pain and discomfort would be significantly less when compared to other procedures.


Laser dentistry is truly a revolution in the dental industry and are a boon for both dentists and patients. The dentists at Reimels Dentistry are masters in laser dentistry and other dental procedures and are efficient in treating anyone with dental problems to give them long lasting relief and happier, healthier smiles.

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