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13605 Reese Blvd. West
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Have you ever been woken up by your partner, because you were making grinding sounds with your teeth? Perhaps you noticed that your inner cheek has been worn down, especially when you wake up. There are several reasons why you might be grinding your teeth at night, especially if you are starting to feel like you’re undergoing a lot of stress. However, while stress is a major reason people think they grind their teeth, it’s not the only reason. Teeth grinding is also called bruxism. This can also be caused by a misaligned bite, sleeping disorders, or even broken teeth. Don’t chalk up teeth grinding as a minor issue. It can be a symptom of a bigger one.

You might be grinding your teeth at night if you are waking up with a lot of soreness in your jaw. It might feel like your muscles around the jaw are tense or they’re locking up. You might even wake up to catching yourself doing it. Bruxism can also cause migraines or headaches, and a popping sound in your jaw. If you visit your dentist, they will notice that your teeth have been excessively worn down. Overall, teeth grinding is uncomfortable and will eventually be noticeable. If this is something that you’re concerned about, definitely bring it up in your next dentist appointment.

You’re going to want to stop grinding your teeth mainly due to the excessive jaw pain that you’re going to experience. This will cause issues with your chewing and will also make for intense headache. The enamel in your teeth will also be worn down which will make your teeth sensitive to breaking and cavities. This will also make it very difficult to chew and eat, which causes a lot of discomfort.

Your dentist can help you identify why your teeth grinding is happening and to also determine how severe the grinding it. You might have a misalignment of the bite or issues with your teeth that have gone unnoticed before. After the diagnosis, the dentist can help you decide what to do next in terms of your teeth grinding. A protective device for your teeth is often going to be recommended.

For example, you might have to sleep with a dental mount guard in order to prevent your teeth from further damage due to the bruxism.

If you are undergoing extreme stress throughout the day, you should create routines and habits to help decrease the amount of stress that you have to face. For example, you could try meditation or taking on a lesser workload throughout your day. If you are drinking a lot of soda or smoking tobacco, trying abstaining for a while and seeing if that helps your stress levels. If you are still grinding your teeth or having a hard time with headaches due to teeth grinding, go back to your dentist and see what other options are available to you.

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