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13605 Reese Blvd. West
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Your regularly scheduled visits to the general dentist have always gone basically as planned. However, your latest round of dental exams showed that you need to have oral surgery. Instead of falling into a complete panic, know that you can take steps to prepare for this procedure.

Align Your Funds
Even if your insurance has always paid for trips to the general dentist, do not assume that your policy you will cover the entire surgery. It might, but you need to find that out. After speaking with the local dentist officer and your insurance carrier, you’ll know the total sum that you have to pay out-of-pocket. If the figures seem insurmountable, find out if the dental office will work out a payment plan for you. 

Ask the Questions
After the dental exams, you may have an array of questions about the surgery, why you need it and how long you can wait before the damage grows worse. Ask your local dentist office these questions, and jot down the answers. In fact, before you speak to the professional with your concerns, take the time to write down all of the questions you have. Knowing the full scope of the situation can help you to feel more in control and less vulnerable.

Prepare for the Surgery Day
Always carefully listen to the instructions the dentist gives you about preparing for the surgery. Failure to do so could prove a major problem. If, for example, you eat certain foods that you are precluded from consuming, the surgery may get put back. You’ll also need to know if you can drive after the surgery. When you are going under anesthesia, you will likely need someone to pick you up after the surgery is over. Furthermore, find out how long you will need to recover and if taking any days off from work is necessary. 

Major dental surgeries can help to restore an optimal level of health to your teeth, but that doesn’t mean you should just jump right into them. Knowing how to proceed and what the surgery day will bring provides you with a heightened level of preparation.

When you are concerned about your dental surgery or when you have a condition that you think may elicit a dental surgery, call our Huntersville dental office to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 

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